Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pray Joyfully

A priest, having started a family, no longer had peace while he prayed. One night, when he knelt down before the Almighty, he was disturbed by his children in the living room. “Get the children to keep shut!” he yelled. His startled wife did his bidding. Thereafter, whenever the priest prayed at home, the children maintained complete silence. But somehow he felt that God was no longer listening to his prayers. 

One night he asked the Lord as he prayed “God, what’s going on? I have peace and quiet but I cannot pray!”  An angel replied: “God hears words, but no longer hears the laughter. He notices the devotion, but can no longer see the joy.” The priest ordered his wife: “Get the children to play! They are part of prayer!” And his words were heard by God once again.

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